tisdag 30 juli 2013

Grow your own "bamboo" sticks

Ok, it's not exactly bamboo sticks. It's rather the function of them I describe. The candy smelling, white blooming bush; schersmin. I have one in my garden and every spring, a few stems are dead (while new ones sprouting). These dead ones are perfekt as growing support, straight, sturdy and long lasting. 
This is how my borlotto lingua beans looks with the stems as support. During the winter they are stored outdoors leaning against a wall and holds the next growingseasons without breaking.

 Picture of the lunch, squash, salad, leaves from celeriak, radish, onion tops and pesto of dill.

4 kommentarer:

  1. That looks so yummy! Is everything from your garden? Because if it is, that's a pretty amazing selection you've grown! :o)

    1. Yep everything from my garden. The kids are moaning about the amount of zucchini served though :)

    2. Yeah, it is easy to get tired of zucchini after a while. ;o)

  2. Nice clue... I don't have exactly a garden, I'm starting to cultive some vegetables, like tomatos, potatos and some herbs and I'm enjoying this.