onsdag 27 augusti 2014

Taking care of the harvest

It has been a great summer for my lemontree this year. I planted it in a huge pot and it growed wildly. I haven't seen any budding lemons though even if we got lots of flowers. Maybe it put all energy to grow branches and leaves. 
Anyway the branches became to long so I cut a few off and put them in pots to see if there will be any new lemontrees. Wouldn't those become a great christmas gift or birthday present?
 The leaves in front of the pots will be stored in the freezer. Yes these will be excellent for adding a hint of lime in a stew. You know you can buy those dried lime leafs in asian food stores? These are the same but when you put them fresh in the freezer you save all the essential oils for the stew. I get some clever ideas sometimes ;-)

Another clever idea when you get too many zucchinis. Chop them up and put them in the freezer. I chop them in slices and cubes. The slices are a great topping on a home made pizza.
I don't buy much canned or frozen vegetables during the winter season when I grow and store the excess my own.

onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Tea blend

Maybe a bit late for posting this. But if your garden is fresh still there is time to pick leaves for a tea blend.
Last years blend were only made of black currant leaves and raspberry leaves but this year I added rose leaves both flower and bush and flowers from red clover.
The leaves are poured over a oven tray with a parchment paper on. Let the leaves dry in room temperature on an airy space. Store the leaves in a tin can (not airtight). This will be my brew in the darkest months of winter when I need a sip of summer memories.

fredag 8 augusti 2014

C-vitamin rich black currant juice

Another fluid post. As I don't get many berries this recipe is excellent for bringing out the best and most of  the small amount. 
You get a ruby coloured drink when mixing 1:4.

200 black currant leaves
1 L black currant berries
1 organic lemon in slices
600g sugar
2 L

Bring the water to boil with the sugar added. Pour the hot fluid over the rest of the ingredients, cover with a lit and let it stay in a cold place for 3 days. Strain and store in the freezer.

fredag 1 augusti 2014

Cooling slushie

I recently posted this refresher on my other blog. For you who don't read it I post it here as well because I can't recommend it enough to you. It is soo soothing at a hot day.
A watermelon slushie. It's so easy and refreshing.

Cut watermelon in cubes, throw in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. I buy whole melons and freeze the excess. If the cubes are deep frozen, let them soften for about half an hour. Put them in a blender and mix until you get a smooth slushie. If you like add water or soda.