fredag 19 september 2014

Hot and sweet tomato marmalade

It looks like two cans of sunshine and it's not far from the truth. This marmalade is easy peasy to make and you only need three ingredients to make it.
First of all, you need tomatoes. This tomato is a Russian outdoor bush tomato. It is easy to grow in buckets and it gives you plenty of golden mild tasting tomatoes.
Then you need a chili fruit. Just one. This chili is not very hot so I used a large one. If you use a hot chili, use only half of the fruit. The red one at the bottom was picked for this marmalade to give it some red decorative dots.
1 kg peeled yellow tomatoes cut to pieces
1kg sugar with pectine (marmalade and jam sugar)
1 chili fruit finely choped
Add everything in a saucepan and boil on medium heat until the tomatoes "falls apart". Remove carefully any foam and pour in clean cans. 

I'm so happy for this years growing season. All my vegetables has been growing very successful this summer. Usually at least one wont thrive. The warm weather with watering everyday did the trick. Here's my bed with kidneybeans ready to be picked, enclosed by nasturtiums.

My sugar snaps has grown all the way up in the apple tree. It's over 2m height and still gives me crispy, sweet and stringless snaps. This is the best sort ever it is called English saber (but translated)
 This is how I treat my vegetable beds when the crops are harvested. I turn the tops and soil with a fork and mix it with grass clip.

 Do you grow your own veggies? 

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  1. Our climate is not very good for growing anything other than potatoes and cucumbers, but we try most years! This looks very interesting, a hot and sweet tomato marmalade! Yum!

    1. Oh our climate is very cold too. This summer has been an exception.