måndag 25 februari 2013

Irresistable spread

 Those mornings you feel for something heavier or those times when you need a snack, a seed cracker with almond butter is a tasty choice. When I heard about almond butter I googled lots of recipes and found out how easy it is to make. And as many people are allergic to nuts and peanuts (like one in our family) this is a good replacement for peanutbutter.

Almond butter
Roast the almonds 300ml in a hot frying pan. I think its better to roast them quickly than on low temperature and slow. If you wan't to go completely raw, skip this step.
Pour the almonds in your food processor and start the engine.........
......Use a good portion of patience here........
At first it looks like grated almonds but as you continue the almonds will turn to a more heavy dough. Continue to mix until you get a creamy spread, add a little salt and there you have a spread full of energy.

The allergic son has looked at his bigbrothers nutella spread with envy. With this spread you can make something similar, almost exactly in taste. Add honey, cacao, and vanilla powder. Be careful about the cacao the taste of the spread is already quite strong. If it gets to thick, add some sunflower oil to the spread. 
Both the almond spread and the fake nutella is full of calories so it's not a daily treat ;)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oooo, that's it. I'm coming to your house for dinner, lunch ... breakfast. This looks SO yummy! And so naturally gluten-free! :)

    1. Yeah I try to stay gluten free and definintely free from diary products as I so clearly could see how my health was improved. My next step is to get my kids milk free.

  2. Oh, that looks really yummy! And even though I wouldn't be able to eat it daily (because I pack on the lbs. just looking at food!) I'm pretty sure my husband would!

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