lördag 5 januari 2013

Snack time

In the beginning of the week, the weather was very warm and sunny. The snow was melting from the roofs and ground. It was so warm that it was possible to sit on the porchstair to enjoy the last sunbeams for the day.
As a snack I drank my favourite tea, white tea with spirulina and almond milk. A small bowl of roasted organic coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds to eat.
Almond milk is very easy to do by yourself. Take two hand fulls of almonds and put in a bowl of water. Let it stand for at least 5 hours to sprout. You can see that the almonds have swelling after that time. Mix the almonds with some water until it's a smooth mixture and add some more up to 700ml. Strain the almonds in a cheese cloth and fill clean bottles. The almond milk lasts a few days and it is visible when it's to old because you can clearly see how it is separated. Then it's time to pour it away. 

The mushed almonds can be stored in the freezer and be used for homemade crunch, breads, piecrusts etc.

The almond milk has a very mild and nice taste. I frankly prefer almond milk in my tea before milk from now on. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag gillar verkligen rostade kokoschips!
    Köpte sådana i samband med min Candida i magen,
    kokos är VÄLDIGT nyttigt...OCH gott..!


    KRAM, Jenny

  2. Oh, här kommer jag läsa flitigt :) ska prova göra mandelmjölk, vi dricker väldigt mycket mjölk här hemma och då är det ju bättre med hemmagjord sådan :)