lördag 12 januari 2013

Warm cocoa

Sometimes I have strong cravings for chocolate. This hot cocoa is a tasty replacement for the one with milk and lots of sugar.
Pour one cup of almond milk in a saucer and add 2 tsp of raw cocoa, ½ tsp of honey, a pinch of salt and eventually a tiny amount of raw coconut oil and whisk while warming carefully. The temperature should only be as high as it is pleasant to drink, not hot. The pinch of salt gives the cocoa a richer taste and the coconut oil gives it some body. 

Perfect after a cold day outdoors.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I've never thought of adding coconut oil. I think I'll have to get some next time I'm at the health food store so I can try this! Mmmmmmm. :D

    1. coconut oil is great especially the cold pressed with the coconut flavour left :)

  2. I add coconut to hot chocolate, too. Love the taste.

  3. Yay ska prova det här imorgon :D jag har letat efter ett alternativ till nyttigare kakao!